How to spend your last summer break

If you’re going into your final year at uni, you’re on the edge of becoming an actual person. It can be hard to juggle final-year prep while having all the fun you can, while you can. Here are a few tips for how to have a great (and productive) rest of your summer.


Run a bubble bath or hit the beach – make sure to take some time out for yourself. Uni gets a lot tougher from here on out. Use your summer freedom to de-stress. Maybe set aside a couple of nights a week that are exclusively for you and stick to it. Managing your mental health over the summer is very important.


If you can, try to get ahead with your course or dissertation reading. Really make good use of your time off to research your texts, start making notes and plough through some fat books. Your future self will thank you!


You’re coming up to your final year. Take some time to reflect and think about how much you’ve grown since you started. You’ve come along way and have some amazing memories and achievements to show for it. Take pride in that!

Binge Netflix

That said… whether Pretty Little Liars is your guilty pleasure, or you’re mad about Mad Men, now is the time to fully indulge in Netflix heaven! All-nighters and deadlines don’t allow for the Netflix laziness we all love.


If you’ve got a part-time job or even a full-time job – fabulous! Try not to stress too much about juggling your work and your final-year prep. Everyone knows the first couple of weeks back are basically just a Freshers re-run, right? There won’t be too much demand, which leaves lots of time for the pre-term reading you didn’t have time for. There is also, of course, the bonus of a bank account boost – first round on you!

Hang out with hometown friends

You’re gonna miss them when you’re back at uni, and you know it. Take advantage of the long summer for hometown catchups. It’s so easy to get tangled up in uni life and uni friends. Give your old friends all the love they deserve!

Being the last summer of your uni life, this is your last opportunity as a student to truly enjoy uni life. Squeeze every moment out of it because next summer you’ll either be working full-time or living GRADUAND life.

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