why I hate Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson takes incompetence to a whole new level: and that’s just his inability to tame his mop of blond hair that is almost as chaotic as his track record. What does he stand for? Why is everyone in an uproar?

Well, first and foremost, in my opinion, Boris is pro-Boris. I’ll be amazed if he can see past his inflated ego for more than 30 seconds to concentrate on being Prime Minister and running the country. As I see it, all Boris Johnson has ever cared about is going down in history, and he doesn’t care how he does it. I wouldn’t trust Boris Johnson with deciding on what to eat for lunch, and yet here he is, about to run the country.

He’s a racist and Islamophobic

He has referred to Muslim women who wear burkas as looking like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. He has also referred to people from Africa as having “watermelon smiles” and insists it was satire instead of apologising. There is no room for Boris’s dog-whistle politics in the safer, more open-minded society we have fought hard to create.

He admires Trump

Do I need to explain this? An admiration for Donald Trump screams complete lack of moral judgement as much as it does judgement.

Just another Oxbridge Tory who stumbled to the top

Oh look, yet another Eton and Oxbridge alumnus emerging from the deeply embedded elite fabric of Westminster to tell us he is “for the ordinary person” while probably not even knowing the price of a loaf of bread.

He’s a serial liar

Serial liar and incompetent buffoon, he has a long history of fabrication. He was sacked by The Times for story fabrication and was a biased reporter while in Brussels. He is now facing trial over Brexit ‘campaign lies’. Need I go on?

I understand that some people love Boris Johnson, that some people think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. But, personally, I cannot get behind our new PM. His idea of a no-deal Brexit is a joke. Many students have said they would vote Labour and Lib Dem in the case of an election, and I’m not surprised why.

Image: Financial Times

Amy Smith

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