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It’s the biggest day of the year for the new batch of prospective university students. Results Day and Clearing signify that the start of the 2019 university year is almost upon us.

After the excitement of getting into university, the “preparation phase” commences. Student housing, loans, and sourcing their university supply kit come into focus. The cost of being a student becomes apparent. It’s big. Then comes the need for their course books.

Money is the number one concern for Gen Z students (over and above exam stress1), and, on average, students spend £51 on textbooks every month2. It’s a significant cost for freshers who are just starting out. However, that’s all changing today, as we’re working in partnership with Barclays to deliver Campus Books to students.

It’s the first student-focused books offer to hit the market, whereby students will be given three free e-books from Campus Books when they secure their cash flow with a Barclays Student Account.

If you haven’t heard about it already, Campus Books is our online library with thousands of university course textbooks, literary classics, and reference publications. Students can ditch the back-breaking weight of physical textbooks and free up space in their bag for more important things.

Even better, there are a host of study smart features to make university work easier, including keyword search (handy for essay quotes), text highlighter and annotations, and a host of accessibility features.

The offer is open to anyone enrolling in higher education in the UK in the 2019/20 academic year, and students will save in excess of £100 on the cost of textbooks. That’s £100 that can be saved or used for more fun activities on the student calendar.

1 According to research by Barclays of 2,000 students in full-time education from 2017
2 According to research by Campus Survey of 4,600 students in full-time education from November 2018.


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