10 weird essentials you need for Freshers’ Week

You’ve got your Student ID, course books and your class timetable but now you need to ingratiate yourself into being a fully-fledged university Fresher. Here are 10 weird essentials you need for Freshers’ Week you never thought you’d need for your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in your new uni halls. Get ready for Freshers’ Week!

A stein

Mixing the world’s grimmest dirty pint in a titchy glass becomes a thing of the past.

Surge-protected extension leads

My first-year bedroom came with two plug sockets, meaning I was constantly swapping out my laptop with my phone, lamp and fan. Bring surge-protected extension leads – and lots of them. They’ll protect your devices during power spikes, and having extra to lend out will make you the world’s most popular flatmate.

A door stop

You’ll make friends much faster if the heavy fire door to your bedroom is propped open as you unpack.


Student houses are renowned for being infested with the eight-legged critters, so buying a device to scoop them from a distance is an essential purchase.


And plenty of them. By this, I mean pain killers aplenty, and Day and Night Nurse especially. Just one dose has brought me back from the brink of death many times.


Since they weren’t essential for the kitchen, I went one-and-a-half years without a pair. That all changed when I saw how easily my flatmates cut their pizzas, while I was struggling with a standard slicer.

The full-length mirror

You do not want to be jumping to see if your shoes really do bring out your eyes, or if your flatmates were just being nice.

Key lanyard

While my friends lost their keys almost daily, mine dangled safely from a lanyard attached to my belt. Super important for nights outs.

A tiny penknife

You wouldn’t believe how often we had to tighten our doors, fix a drawer or change a battery. None of us were prepared to fork out money for a proper screwdriver set, but my penknife and its many attachments were more than enough to save the day.


When you’ve nowhere to hang a wet coat after a rainy walk home from uni, these are life-savers. And let’s not forget: your wardrobe probably won’t be massive, so that extra storage space is vital.

But where do you buy all this stuff? Dw, I’ve got it covered.

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