Freshers events: a mini guide

Stressed about Freshers’ Week? Scared tickets will sell out? No idea where to start? I got you.

Find your flatmates first!

You’ll likely go out with flatmates on the first few nights, so try to locate them on Facebook or Campus Society and start a group chat before booking anything. Maybe someone will have some ideas about where to go and what to do, or maybe you want to suggest something yourself. But I’d hold off from buying anything before you get there because it’s important to be open-minded and go with the flow in Freshers’ Week!

Honestly – don’t buy anything

Promoters prey on incoming freshers because they know you have no idea what to do. Promoters will tell you anything to sell tickets: that EVERYONE goes, that they’re going to sell out, that they’re cutting you a good deal. Don’t listen to them! If you want to play things safe, don’t buy a thing — especially not a £20 wristband, for the love of God.

Decide when you’re there!

I didn’t buy any tickets in advance and decided on the day what I was going to do that night. There’s no point buying a ticket for the Thursday night of Freshers now and then come Freshers, you’re knackered by Thursday and are stuck with a £20 ticket you won’t use. There’s no harm in playing things by ear when you’re there and trust me, not everything will sell out.

Join ticket-selling groups

Every uni has one or two huge buy-and-sell groups, so join as many as you can before you get there. This way you can buy a ticket for an event you want to go to if, by some chance, it does sell out, or more likely you’ll be able to try and flog a ticket for an event that no one’s going to.

Don’t forget to pass on what you learnt to the new batch of Freshers.

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