Why first year is the best year of university

If you’re an incoming fresher, get ready to replace those nerves with excitement because first year is THE BEST YEAR. Here’s why.

Nothing counts!!!

If your uni is one of the sadistic monsters that includes first-year results when it comes to determining overall degree classification, I’m sorry. But for most of you, nothing counts. While this doesn’t mean you can completely sack off every seminar, it means you can afford to skip the odd lecture completely guilt-free, and the pressure to do well is totally off.

You can sign up to absolutely everything, no shame

When you’re a fresher you’re almost expected to throw yourself into everything, so no one will bat an eyelid if you sign up for thirty societies in one go. You’ll be starting out with loads of other freshers too, so it’s easy to bond quickly. Trying to join in with societies in second and third year is still easy to do, but being in a society right from the beginning through to the end means you’ll get the most out of it. Plus, all your free time won’t be eaten up by dissertation writing, so you’ll be free to go to as many socials as possible.

You’ll have the best social life

If you want to go out any day of the week, chances are you’ll be able to find somewhere to pre and people to pre with, no problem. Your flatmates, your corridor, your coursemates, your halls block, your friends from societies… you’ll have your fingers in every ‘social’ pie. Come third year, and you’ll be like an old granny, lumped with your closest friends, dragging yourselves to the local pub every Friday. Enjoy your crazy social life where going out on a Tuesday then a Wednesday then a Friday is the norm.

The thrill of being away from home never wears off

Come third year, and you’ll be mourning the loss of your mum’s cooking and free laundry service. But in first year you’re happy to pay for Circuit Laundry and live off pesto pasta because it’s still just SO COOL to be away from home!!! The thrill, sadly, does wear off eventually, but enjoy it while it lasts.

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