5 biodegradable glitters perfect for festivals

Cosmetic glitter adds a summery shine to any look. But did you know that it comes with an environmental price? Most glitter brands use micro-plastics that can’t degrade. This means that long after you’ve had your festival fun, glitter sticks around in eco-systems and our water supplies. Check out these 5 biodegradable glitter brands for guilt-free sparkle!

1.    EcoStardust

Made from eucalyptus trees, EcoStardust is an awesome alternative to plastic glitters. Available in a range of colours from ‘Rose Gold’ to ‘Green Pixie’, you can mix and match with any outfit! And if like me, you’re a super indecisive shopper, EcoStardust also offers mixed glitter pots like ‘Moonshine’ and ‘Tropical Pressure’.

2.    MUOBU

In a beautiful rainbow array, MUOBU is here for all your glitter needs. Whether you’re after fine or chunky glitter or both, MUOBU have it! With fun mixes like ‘BioComet’ and ‘BioGalactic’, you’ll be feeling out of this world in no time.

3.    Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Glitter Fun is a splash of pure glitter goodness. As the brand name implies, their glitter comes in an exciting range of over fifty colours and sizes in the cutest little test tubes. Perfect for sparkly experiments!

4.    Wild Glitter

Made from wood pulp, this gorgeous glitter brand ranges from ‘fine’ to ‘super chunky’ glitter, in a load of irresistible colours! What’s more, a ‘pick and mix’ option means that you can choose your own dream mix of glitters for a discounted price – what’s not to love?

5.    Dust & Dance

Currently offering 25% off purchases, you can be kind to the environment as well as kind to your bank account! Dust & Dance offer beautiful mixes of the brightest, sassiest, sparkliest colours. Go get your responsible, eco-friendly glam on!

Don’t just look after the environment at festivals this summer, look after yourself too – check out our guide on festival safety.

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