Cardboard tents: the greener way to festival?

Are you guilty of leaving your tent behind at a festival? Tents are easily trashed, you’re tired and hungover, and the thought of packing up and trying to squeeze a soggy bit of plastic into an unbelievably tight bag is enough to make you regret going to the festival in the first place. You are not alone: 25% of festival-goers admit to leaving their tent behind, which accounts for over 800,000 tents being left across various festivals each year. This equates to 2,500,000kg of plastic.

Well, fear not. Your plastic footprint can be reduced with no tent-packing involved. KarTent is a new company providing tents made from cardboard boxes for festival-goers. The tents are easily recyclable and are already set up at the festival for you! You can choose to have a sleeping bag and mattress included for the ultimate comfort and the tents are free to ‘pimp’ up with your own stickers and graffiti. Perfect for blocking out the sun when you just need to get some shut-eye and a step in the right direction to reduce your plastic consumption! And if you want to reduce your festival footprint further, check out these biodegradable glitter options – no guilt, just sparkle!

Dark, warm and enough space for two: would you snuggle up in one of these tents from £42 per festival? What are your thoughts on these new creations – would you book one?

Image: KarTent

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