How would a no-deal Brexit affect students?

Brexit. The word on every politician’s lips. We know that “Brexit means Brexit”. It also weirdly means “breakfast”. But what about a no-deal Brexit? And, more importantly, how would it affect us as students?

1.    Adiós to Erasmus funding

Thousands of students would be affected by this. Think of all the costs that come with studying abroad: flights, accommodation, social life – it’s an expensive experience! In the case of a no-deal Brexit, funding is very unlikely, which is sad news for those who are in need of the financial boost.

2.    Adiós to Erasmus altogether?

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, it’s the EU’s call on whether the UK can keep participating in Erasmus altogether. This would affect both UK students and EU students. Universities and no doubt, lots of students are fighting for Erasmus. For many people, it’s a great alternative to a gap year. Those of you who have completed a semester or a year abroad will know what a life-changing and amazing opportunity Erasmus is. To lose this would be a tragedy.

3.    What about border control?

EU, EEA and Swiss students: do not fear. You can still enter the UK if there is no Brexit deal. However, if you’re planning on staying longer than three months (if you’re studying then that probably is the case), then you’ll need to apply for immigration status or a visa.

A no-deal Brexit would be messy and uncertain. Remember, at the moment it is a possibility and nothing more. This article simply aims to offer some kind of idea as to how this worst-case scenario would affect us as students. There is still hope for a brighter Brexit!

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