I’m done with this crazy summer weather. The weather this summer has been a disaster. Any temperature past 20 degrees is pushing it a little for me, so these weeks of 30-degree weather have been seriously pushing it. And according to recent studies, it’s going to get worse each summer.

Anyone who says they enjoy hot weather is just lying to themselves; it’s sweaty, you can’t sleep at night, your make up goes everywhere, and you never feel motivated to do anything because it’s just too hot! But even when it’s been raining and overcast recently, it’s been so horrendously muggy that I’ve still been sweating. I’m not really sure which is worse.

I’m bored of having to change clothes and with no clothing being appropriate. No matter what I wear, it’s never suitable because the weather is so mercurial. Just pick a temperature! I’m looking forward to September and October when hopefully it’ll cool down sufficiently for me not to require a fan at night or numerous cool showers during the day. And maybe all of the horrifically large insects made bigger by the heat will start to die off.

It’s times like this we do hope for everyone’s sake that this is an anomaly and that the environment hasn’t been irreparably damaged as a result of global warming otherwise we can look to expect even more crazy summer weather situations.

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