Yes, I study Media. No, I don’t want to go into TV.

Ok, so part of a Media degree involves cameras and video editing but, however much I appreciate learning this, they don’t draw my future career path desires to a frenzy. I am not a practical person: I can never find the right button on a camera, show me two photos with a ‘vital’ change in the camera lenses and I will not be able to spot the difference. Should I be fired from my course?

When I tell people I study Media, immediately they think of green screens and photoshop. This is true, yes, but what people don’t really think about is that quite a lot of my course involves looking at newspaper headlines, marketing campaigns and novels. It is this backstage action that I really enjoy and maybe want to go into when I’ve finished (that may be a strong statement as I still have absolutely no clue where my future is headed).

Many of my friends really enjoy the practical aspects of the course and are looking to find jobs in production, which mainly start off with being a ‘runner’ (basically doing any odd jobs backstage to help production run smoothly). Our course would really give them a good idea as to what that involves.

I constantly meet people who now have jobs that have nothing to do with what course they studied. Having a degree means you gain transferable skills, that you can add to your CV, and can be used across many different professions; so don’t worry if you, like me, don’t want to go into a job that directly links with your course. There is so much more out there!

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