Things that don’t stop you from being a feminist

When you say the word ‘feminist’, it might conjure up an image of a woman who avoids things like dating men, shaving her armpit hair, or wearing pink. Just going to break it to you hun, although those things are perfectly legitimate choices, they are not conducive to being feminist. If you want to be a feminist, my friend, it is so easy. Don’t let these nonsense misconceptions stop you. I am coming to you live from my pink and purple bedroom, waving my shaved pits in the air and about to text good morning to my partner whom I am in a happy relationship with.

Dating men

One of the most common misconceptions is that feminists hate men and therefore, will choose to be single and not date. Some people like being single. Some people like being in long-term relationships. Some people like casual dating. Some people like open relationships. Some people like fuck buddies. Feminism is not misandry. You can be in a relationship with ANYONE and still be a feminist. Do you know what isn’t feminist? Telling women who they can and can’t date.

how you dress

If you post bikini photos on Instagram, girl, I bet you look amazing. If you wear high-neck tops and trousers, girl I bet you look amazing. There is still a common stigma behind women who ‘show’ more of their bodies confidently, with the misconception that they “don’t respect themselves”. Showing skin or not showing skin has no correlation with respecting oneself; however, you not respecting women’s choices does correlate with you being a dickhead. Different things empower different women. Feminism gives us that right to choose.


This topic crops up a lot when we mention feminism. There are so many more women showing off their unshaved bodies these days and honestly, it rocks. Feminism advocates the right for women to make their own lifestyle choices. Feminism promotes equality. We don’t ‘have’ to shave. We also don’t ‘have’ to not shave.

identifying as male

Do you know what else doesn’t stop you from being a feminist? Being male. Men can be feminists it’s not taboo. Many, many of them are. Men and women should be allies.

Reading Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) by Scarlett Curtis is a wonderful start to open your eyes on this topic if you’re not sure what a feminist looks like. In reality, a feminist doesn’t look any particular way – and that’s the beautiful thing. I love the hashtag #thisiswhatafeministlookslike on Instagram because it really highlights this.

So, remember, feminists aren’t saying “You shave?! Sorry, you can’t sit with us” or “You mean you post bikini pics on insta?! You can’t sit with us!”. On Wednesdays… we let women make their own choices and respect them (and may or may not wear pink).

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