Why going on holiday in September is the best

June and July have passed, and most students are back home for the remainder of summer, twiddling their thumbs and desperately trying to find work to make back the money they spunked in Barcelona. Meanwhile, you’re finishing work for the summer and swanning around hoovering up all the reduced bikinis in prep for your break to Portugal in September. Here’s why going on holiday in September is the best

You can work from the beginning of summer

Are all your mates hugely strapped for cash now that they’re back from their hols? Not you. You’ve been working solidly since June and have enough saved for a holiday and then some. It makes so much more sense to make a sustained effort working over two months than frantically working for two weeks in June and still being in a financial tizzy when you get back from holiday.

All the holiday clothes are reduced!

HALLELUJAH. Whether you want a cheap bikini, sundress, or sandals, I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you want now that the shops are bringing in their Autumn collections.

Flights are so much cheaper

So few people go abroad outside of the holidays that flight prices plummet. While your friends might have paid £100+ to get to Europe, you’ll be paying well under triple figures.

It’s much less busy

Unless you’re going to the notoriously touristy Venice, chances are things will be a lot quieter if you go away in September. Say goodbye to families-of-five jostling for a prime space by the pool and hello to peace and quiet.

It gives you something to look forward to

I’ve found that going away in June or July leaves me feeling pretty flat for the rest of summer. Knowing that the best bit of the summer has already passed me by can be pretty deflating. Saving your holiday til September means you have something to work towards and look forward to all summer long.

It elongates summer as much as poss

Ever gone away in July and missed a UK heatwave? It sucks. Summer in England lasts approximately one week, and missing it can make your holiday feel pointless if you went away solely to get some good weather! With temperatures seriously cooling down in September, jetting off around then makes perfect sense.

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