Everyone should follow Florence Given – artist, activist, and single

If you don’t already know, Florence Given is an artist and activist from London. She’s particularly outspoken on issues surrounding gender, sexuality, and race, and communicates most of her opinions through the cutest illustrations that you can get as prints, or on T-shirts, tote bags and phone cases. With her long blonde hair, 70s-inspired wardrobe, and sheer talent, she’s nothing short of an icon, but here are five more reasons to give her a follow:

1. To put it simply, her work is GOOD

You shouldn’t follow her PURELY because you think it’s important to support a woman in the creative industry. It is important. But Florence shouldn’t be followed just because she’s a minority in a male-dominated industry, you should follow her because she’s GOOD! Her art is so unique – most of it is 70s-inspired but somehow is still piercingly contemporary – and I’m the proud owner of a few of her prints. The slogans that often accompany her doodles of young women remain so accurate and politically astute while retaining an effortless, ‘oh-so-relatable’ feel.

2. She’s hugely inspiring and uplifting

Recently I’ve been mindful of who I follow on Instagram and have purged all these ‘thinspo’ accounts which only served to make me feel bad about myself. Florence Given’s Instagram makes me feel fucking fantastic, and in her own words, ‘life is too short not to love the shit out of yourself’.

3. She’s going to be huge

I know hipsters were left in 2010, but it still is cool to be able to say you liked someone before they were famous, right? Tbh Florence is already pretty big – she’s the face of Tinder’s new ‘Single, not sorry’ ad campaign – but I sense she’s going to get even bigger.

4. She gives great advice

Sometimes she’ll answer relationship questions on her story, and she gives the best advice. Admittedly 90% of the time her advice is ‘dump him’ – her mantra – or, in cases of emotional labour ‘stop raising him, he’s not your son’. But in my eyes, that’s fucking great advice.

5. She’s ICONIC

With blonde hair down to her bum, shameless armpit fuzz, leopard print everything, pearl-studded hoops, gigantic sunglasses, and statement earrings, Florence Given is a fucking MOOD. What better reason to give her a follow?

Image: The Independent

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