How to deal with your friends going away this year

Placement, year abroad, or just taking a year out from uni… when your friends go away you can feel like you’ve been left on your ones. Here’s how to deal with your friends going away this year, coping and not get too lonely.

Focus on who’s staying

Surely you know someone remaining at uni for the coming year. Maybe you have friends in the year below, or even friends returning from a year abroad? Cultivate relationships with those who are still around.

Remember you did what was best for you

It’s natural to feel FOMO when people start posting pictures that look glamorous once they’re away. But remember, everything happens for a reason. You did what was best for you, which happened to be staying at uni. Going away for a year just to follow the crowd would have been stupid, so kudos to you for being true to yourself.

Throw yourself into societies

Looking to make new friends or just plain bored? This is the perfect opportunity to join a society or contribute more to the one you’re already in. Think about joining a committee – that way you’ll easily make friends with all the other committee members too!

Keep busy with work

If you’re in your final year, look at things positively. With all your mates away, there’s no risk of being dragged to the pub every other minute. You’re free to write your diss in peace. Though your social life might suffer, your grades surely won’t!

Text them

You never know, they might be feeling lonely too.

If all else fails, plan your own year abroad.

Serena Smith

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