Top 10 GBBO moments (so far)

The tenth series of The Great British Bake Off begins tonight and it looks to be just as good as the past series, if not better. To get you in the mood, here’s a countdown of the best moments of GBBO past.

1. The squirrel and its bits 

In the second series of the show, rather than the delicious cakes or baking banter, the viewers (and the camera person) got distracted by a, well, a squirrel with its (er) nuts on display. It was enough to make you choke on your tea and biscuits.

2. Custard-gate

This golden moment came in the series four when Howard (a self-confessed custard connoisseur) had his custard snatched (accidentally) by Deborah. It was a bit like CSI (the C stands for custard, this time around) except Deborah confessed and the experts didn’t need to be drafted in.

3. Bin-gate

The second “gate” happened in series five when Diana took Iain’s Baked Alaska out of the freezer to make room for hers. It turned to mush and Iain chucked it (and his dignity) straight into the bin.

4. The Bread Lion

In series six, Paul (not Hollywood) presented a roaring showstopper in the form of a bread masterpiece shaped like a lion. Bake Off fans were lion if they thought they could attempt something as good as that.

5. When a cake was done being a cake

In series nine, Ruby had just finished creating a vegan showstopper cake when – after following the presenters and contestants outside the tent – all of her hard work came tumbling down. Her cake and my heart were in tatters at that point.

6. Prue’s Twitter faux pas 

(Though we don’t admit it) viewers love it when a cake goes caput but, as series eight proved, we don’t like it when Prue Leith tweets a congratulatory message to the eventual winner hours before the final! She blamed it on a problematic time difference.

7. Tamal being relatable 

Tamal of series six produced some excellent bakes and had a lovely friendship with the eventual winner Nadiya. Not only this, but he was a fan favourite for his catchphrases. “Decisions, decisions, all of them wrong” was my personal favourite.

8. Nadiya’s facial expressions 

Also in series six, Nadiya not only won the show but won the viewers over with her inspiring final speech. Before this, she made everyone in and out of the tent laugh with her series of panicked facial expressions.

9. Mary’s reaction to alcoholic doughnuts 

In series five, Luis made some tipsy doughnuts which (I won’t lie) sounded and looked delicious. It was Mary’s overjoyed reaction, and the question, “Why do we bother with the doughnuts?” that made them even better.

10. GBBO’s Big Move

GBBO moved from BBC to Channel 4 after its seventh season, sparking debate from loyal fans and we mourned the loss of Mary, Mel and Sue. Yet, what we got was new presenters, one new judge and adverts so… not that different.

Tune in to Channel 4 at 8 pm tonight to catch the first episode!

Image: Channel 4

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