5 reasons why final year is the best year

Heading into your final year? Have you made the most of being a final year student? Worrying that you’re not emotionally, mentally, or academically prepared? Chin up – here’s are 5 reasons why final year is the best year:

Best modules

First year is for boring foundation modules, second year teases you with a bit of choice, and then third year? BOOM. You’re given free rein with your diss, so you’re allowed to pursue whatever interests you have, and generally speaking the optional modules in third year and just so much more interesting.

Housing is a doddle

Second year housing is a bit stressful because you’ll either rush into a contract in November and instantly regret signing with someone who turns out to be the Worst Human Alive, or else you’ll not realise you need to get a wiggle on and be left with the last pick in June. Going into third year, you’ll have a clear idea of who you want to live with, know the best estate agents and landlords, and know to sort it early enough to get a great house.

You know all the best clubs

No more faffing about spending £20 on a ticket for some shitty Fresher’s Zoo. By third year, you’ll know what nights have the best deals and what really floats your boat.

Writing your diss is so rewarding and can actually be… fun?

It may seem daunting at first, but once you actually start researching and writing your diss, things get a lot easier. As well as being massively rewarding, loads of people really enjoy the chance to study whatever the hell they want.

Best mates!

Needless to say, after a turbulent two years settling into uni life, third year comes as a breath of fresh air as you (hopefully!) have a clear idea of who your REAL friends are(something I would tell my Fresher self to prioritise, quality not quantity). With two years of memories behind you and one more year to come, the friends you enter third year with will likely be your friends for life.

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