You can’t weigh your worth: it’s time to ditch the scales

Repeat after me: “I cannot measure my worth in kilograms. I cannot measure my worth in lbs. Being society’s definition of beautiful is not the currency I owe to exist in this world.” It works for Bebe Rexha.

Have you ever woken up feeling happy, only to find your mood come crashing down after you step on the scales and those little numbers on the screen between your feet make your heart sink? As if at the click of your fingers, you think you don’t deserve to be happy that day. You are allowing a set of scales to dictate your happiness.

Trust me; I’ve been there. In my second year of university, I went through a few months where I was obsessed with hitting eight stone exactly. I have no idea why I chose this arbitrary number. But in my head: everything would be better if I was eight stone. I bet you’re thinking of your own arbitrary “magic” number right now, aren’t you? Well here is my permission for you to throw it away.

Weight isn’t the best indicator of your health

As for practical, scientific arguments against weighing yourself: buckle up gentlepersons, I have many. Weighing yourself is often not a reliable method for monitoring your health; weight fluctuates day to day naturally. Salt (sodium) creates fluid retention, being on your period, and having just eaten all increase your weight momentarily. Weighing yourself can have a disastrous effect on your mental health as it creates mental obstacles and ‘makes or breaks’ your day – it can quickly become a daily obsession.

Also, weight does not indicate body composition. It doesn’t indicate overall health and fitness. Forget the days of BMI – it’s outdated and useless. If you are losing or gaining weight for health reasons, it is better to take measurements, photos or weigh-ins under the supervision of a professional or a loved one – and weighing yourself daily is never necessary.

It’s time to stop letting the weigh-in having the daily verdict on your health. Concentrate on your body’s cues, concentrate on how you feel. Do you feel strong? Do you feel healthy? Do you feel happy? Do you feel energetic? These answers matter so much more than those numbers on the sad step.

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