How to build up the confidence to step inside your gym

It is so daunting to step into the gym for the first time if you’re not used to a big room full of machines with no idea on what you need or want to do. Trust me, the first time is the scariest, and everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few tips to make you feel more confident to step onto the gym floor:

Wear something you feel comfortable/good in

People of all shapes and sizes go to the gym, so there is no point in feeling embarrassed to go in if you don’t have the body you feel like everyone would expect a gym-goer to have. Wear something that keeps everything where it should be, but also makes you feel confident and bad-ass (all-black is a winner as you feel like a ninja).

Try to have an induction and come up with a plan

If you know exactly what you are going to do, you can focus on getting your exercise done without the awkward breaks in-between exercises thinking about what you are going to do next. If possible, have an induction, so you know where all the equipment is and how to use it. Instagram and Pinterest have lots of fitness-related videos with workouts you can do with different machines and equipment if you need some inspiration.

Go with a friend

Not only does that give you more motivation to go (so you don’t let your friend go) but it also gives you someone to laugh with if things go wrong. If none of your friends is into that, get a solid, hardcore playlist with a strong beat to keep you motivated and make you feel empowered.

Try to remember that no-one is actually looking at you

Truth be told, people at the gym are too busy worrying about what they look like themselves to spy on other people. Everyone is there with similar goals, so there is normally an underlying rule of respect for everyone who goes to the gym to make sure they have their own space and keep themselves to themselves, even in the weights section.

The first time going to the gym is the scariest but trust me, it gets easier and, with the right motivation and incentives, it can be a really rewarding way to keep active and get fit. Try to see this as something to get into the habit of because you enjoy the goals you set, rather than think of this as one of those “New Year’s Resolutions” to start.

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