The five phases of final year

Final year is the best of times, and the worst of times.

Phase 1: Let’s do this!

You’ve heard the rumours that final year is terrible and stressful, with a guaranteed existential crisis – but it can’t be as bad as it sounds, right?

Phase 2: Can I do this?

Hang on a minute. It’s only the end of the first week, and you already have two assignments due, a bunch of extra readings and a dissertation presentation to prep for. Not to mention your upcoming house party and all the coffee catchups you’ve got planned with your uni friends. If only your student budget covered a PA.

Phase 3: Coffee addiction

By the second semester, the amount you’ve spent on flat whites nearly matches the amount of your student debt. It’s the only buzz you crave and the only thing getting you through your assignments. The possibility of developing an immunity to caffeine is a real fear.

Phase 4: The sweats

It’s the uni endgame (unless you’ve decided to do an MA, you lucky thing). You’re counting down the days to your finals, and your social life is temporarily non-existent. It’s your time to shine! When else are you going to show off everything you know about some really niche aspect of your subject?

Phase 5: Sweet relief

It’s done! The sweet torture of final year is over, and it was all (somehow) totally worth it. Time for a drink.

PHASE 6: nostalgia 

Once you realise that uni life has come to an end there’ll be moments that’ll make you cry out of nostalgia. Remember, third year is not the end but the start of your next adventure!

Rhian Kane

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