Why I went vegetarian at uni

Leaving home to go to uni means a massive lifestyle change. New city (maybe), new friends (definitely), and for some, a new diet. In my first year, not quite ready to brave veganism, I decided to cut out meat from my diet and go full-time veggie. Here’s why vegetarian at uni:

To save some dosh

Uni teaches you a lot of things. One of those things is that meat is super expensive! In my first term, I still ate meat, and it ate up most of my food spending budget. Once turning vegetarian, I spent a lot less on other sources of protein, like eggs and tins of beans. Being a vegetarian at uni is the smart option if you want to save the pennies.

To keep healthy

For a lot of students, starting uni is the first step towards total independence. Suddenly you have to look after yourself, which involves cooking for yourself. When you don’t have your parents as your private chefs, you’re in full control of what you consume. It’s the time to fine-tune your foodie facts!

I always knew the basics: carbs, protein, fibre and all of that. But what I didn’t know was the amazing health benefits that come with slicing meat out of your diet. Without getting too scientific, a few of these are: a lower chance of disease, healthier sight and skin, and lots more energy. All the better for surviving those 9 am lectures!

To be a friend to nature

As an accountable adult, I was more interested in the diet-environment link. Being a veggie doesn’t only help yourself, but the environment too. A crazy amount of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions is required to maintain meat-based diets. The planet is tackling a carbon crisis. Something as simple as just cutting out meat a couple of days a week means that you’re doing your bit. It mattered to me that I was no longer fuelling the meat industry.

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