You should never pretend you’ve taken drugs before

Picture the scene. It’s the last night of Freshers, and one of your flatmates covertly places a bag of white powder into your hand. ‘Want any?’. You do, and, not wanting to seem uncool, pretend to know what you’re doing. Three hours later you’re in A&E. Here’s why you should never pretend you’ve taken drugs before.

You won’t know how much to take

Safety is the most important thing. Taking too little might not be that big of a disaster, but taking too much could, in all seriousness, cost you your life. Fans of Skins might remember the comedy of clueless Pandora eating a whole gram of cocaine, but if you tried to do that in reality, the results would be nowhere near as comic.

You might not even know how to take it

Pandora ate coke – most prefer to snort it. ‘My mouth’s gone numb’, she says, but again, you could probably expect some serious oral and dental hygiene issues if you survive eating a gram of coke. How you take drugs can be important if you want to minimise the damage to your body – snorting MD, for instance, can be really, really bad for your nose. Pretending to of taken drugs if you haven’t amongst those who have, could potentially be social suicide.

While ingesting drugs at all is, ultimately, damaging your body anyway, it’s best to ask what’s the best way of taking them if you want to be as safe as possible.

You won’t know how to feel

One of the most important parts of being open with your first time on something is talking through how you’re feeling with your friends. Some drugs can make you feel WEIRD, and it’s important to know if this is normal or not. Having a mate tell you that what you’re experiencing is expected can help relax you and you’ll feel more at ease to enjoy your night.

If you’re feeling unusual, it is VITAL to know if it’s normal or not. Chances are if it isn’t normal, you’re going to need to go home (at best) or seek medical attention (at worst).

Let’s face it…

If it’s your first time and you’re in the company of people you don’t trust enough to admit your inexperience to, you shouldn’t be taking drugs with them. No one should really care at this age about who’s done what and who hasn’t. If you want to take something, but it’s your first time, saying ‘thanks, yeah, I’ll have some – but it’s my first time, what do I do?’ is completely normal.

If you feel slightly embarrassed, it’ll be nothing compared to the embarrassment and mortification you’ll face when the local hospital has to notify your parents of what’s happened.

If you’re nervous about taking drugs or want more information on them, talk to frank.

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