3 things to do before you start university

Starting university can be really overwhelming. Amidst the excitement of choosing your unis, the anxiety of Reuslts day, you can forget to do some of the really, really important stuff. These things are menial, but it will save you so much time if you do them before the start of term, preferably even before Freshers.

1. Get your student ID as soon as you get onto campus

Make it the very first thing that you do. If you don’t, you will literally be waiting in line for hours. That isn’t even an exaggeration. The later you leave it, the longer the lines will be. And that’s if you submitted a photo in advance that actually fits their criteria and have filled out all of the paperwork. Don’t waste your morning waiting when you’re likely hungover and could be in bed.

2. Get your course books

Remember, it’s the start of term! If you wait until the last moment, again, you’ll end up waiting in a very long line in the campus book shop for a single book. You could have gotten it cheaper on Campus Books instead of paying full price for a new, sixth edition version from Blackwells. And that’s if they don’t sell out first because everyone else has done what you have.

3. Find out where your classes are held

You’re better off having a wander around a week before than getting absolutely lost on your first day and winding up ten minutes late to your seminar because you couldn’t find the right building. When you first start, every building looks the same, so you’re much better off starting early in attempting to distinguish Thornberry House from Greene House when neither has a sign and they look exactly the same.

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