From student to self-employed: how to take the plunge

When you first decide to go self-employed full-time, you’ll get a lot of worried stares from friends and family. Some people will not believe in you. Most of those who don’t believe in you are jealous that you have the bravery that they don’t. And you know what? Prove them fucking WRONG. I believe in you. Being your own boss is fucking fantastic, and if you think it’s something you could thrive off, you should seriously consider it. Here are my top 5 starter tips…

1. Know your vision

Obviously, you need a concrete vision before you take the plunge. Sometimes, it works out that something you’ve been doing as a side-hustle shows promise as a booming business (like with artist Florence Given). Make sure you know the ins and outs of what you do and what you want to do. 

2. Have a back-up plan

Not because you don’t believe in yourself – but so you can use your full energy on your business set-up and not on money worries and anxiety. For example, you could save up six months rent as an insurance policy, giving you six months to fully throw yourself into your business.

3. Know the boring bits

Learn about taxes and register as self-employed. Keep your records and make spreadsheets your friend. If you don’t, you’re going to run into trouble – admin, admin, admin.

4. Understand the downsides

Understand that you will not have conventional work hours. This can be great to some and awful to others. It is not a 9-5. It is not a job where you switch off from work at 5 pm and clock out. It is not a risk-free, secure feeling, but it is great for those who love excitement, growth and being dynamic. Being your own boss rocks, if you’re a kind boss to yourself.


Throw self-doubt out the window. And if you don’t have a support network, think how good it will feel proving them wrong. 

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