Here’s how to not get lost on campus

It’s a whole new world of tall buildings, empty carparks, libraries, coffee shops and small greens. Thousands are thronging on the steps, reading against trees, chatting with friends over a latte and a cigarette. You’ve come to University as a Fresher, but you’ve got no clue where you are. Here are a few tips for you to find your way around:

1. make friends in the introductory lectures

Find and make friends, figure out who is in your class and then meet up with them to go to lectures and seminars and workshops. It’s more difficult to get lost (and get the blame and shame for being late) if you’re not by yourself. 

2. Set off early with lots of time to spare

Google maps says it takes ten minutes to the Worsley Building from your current location, that sounds decent, but what if you get lost on the way because Google maps didn’t account for a locked door on the ground floor and you have to go all the way around the building? That’s at least another ten minutes and then you’re late. Set off with time to spare and factor in getting lost. It’s better to be early than late. Once you know the way, you can set off later or grab a coffee on the way – it’s only temporary while you figure out a routine.

3. Ask around!

Don’t bother with other students, they’ve probably got no idea what you’re on about and even if they did, 90% either wouldn’t care or they’d mistakenly point you in the wrong direction. No, you want to ask the Student Services offices or literally any adult behind a desk in any building. Chances are they’ve worked here for years and have been asked the same question before so know exactly the direction to point you in.

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