Homesickness isn’t something to be ashamed of

I’m sure everyone felt like this: that long summer before university starts and the presence of your family being there throughout everything you do makes you beg for your moving-out date to come sooner. Sure, you appreciate your mum coming in your room to pick up your washing, but does she really need to do it at 9 am?

Those first few days in uni are scary but freeing. You don’t have anyone telling you it’s time to go to bed. You get to choose what and when you eat (depending on your cooking skills) and there isn’t the pressure to get out of bed and pretend to be doing something when you just want to Netflix. 

However, for me, by the end of the first week and when the fresher’s activities were over, I had a large pile of washing in the corner and a fridge full of yoghurt, broccoli and not much else to constitute a meal, let alone anything that would compare to my mum’s Sunday roast. The desire for a cuddle from the dogs and words of wisdom from my mum began.

Everyone is in the same position when they first start uni, having no idea what to expect and what they should be doing. For me, whenever I felt lost I would go to my mum for advice and so when she wasn’t there, I found it really hard. I was determined to not appear homesick as my brother went off to uni with no looking back and flourished, and here I was, pining for my mum after the first week!

How did I cope? Well, my mum was in the same position as me. After stubbornly trying to not contact her and get on with things, I sent her a message telling her how much I missed her. We then arranged to Facetime regularly and she said I could call whenever I needed to (which was awesome). My lecture timetable meant I was able to take long weekends and go visit some friends back home, but also they meant my parents could come and visit too. 

You would be surprised by how many people feel dread going back to uni. Homesickness is real, and it doesn’t just happen when they enter into their first year, returning to uni from holiday and commencing your second year can make you feel homesick after a lengthy spell with the folks.

My advice would be just to chat it out with your flatmates and parents! No one is 100% confident in what they are doing all the time and if you need a little parental support to kick your ass back into gear every now and then, then you’re only human!

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