How to turn your halls into a paradise

Halls rooms are notoriously drab, often with ugly carpets and stained curtains. Even after you fill it with everything you’ll need for uni, it can still feel incomplete. Want to make your grim box room feel more like home? Here’s how to decorate your halls like a pro.

Invest in cute storage boxes

Clutter is helping no one – neither your organisational skills nor your room’s aesthetic. Here’s where you can inject a bit of personality into your room in a really easy way – maybe you want brightly coloured storage boxes; ‘basic bitch’ rose gold wire baskets or rustic looking wicker ones – but having a few dotted around will add colour and order to your room in a flash. Tiger, Primark, B&M, and Home Bargains are bound to have storage baskets in loads of different styles, so have a look around.


I can’t stress enough how plants took my room from a dingy little box to a cute little home. If you struggle to keep them alive (relatable), keep an eye out in IKEA or Primark for some fake ones – they look just as good. I’ve also found that having plants and something to care for – minus the responsibility of an actual pet or child – is beneficial for my mental health, so it’s really a win-win.

Blankets and throws

Uni rooms can get cold in the winter (and BOILING in summer – there’s no in-between), so investing in a throw or a blanket is a good idea to keep warm. This is also a good way to add a pop of colour to your room, too, so have a think about what colour would go with your bedsheets and have a look around to see what you can find! Primark stocks throws in basically any colour, but IKEA and Dunelm are also good places to look.


It really helped my homesickness to have photos up of my family and friends, and it also made my room look a lot more lived in. Plus, if your halls were anything like mine, you’ll likely have weird scratches and peeling paint on the walls, so sticking photos (or even a poster) over any unsightly areas is a good way to spruce the place up easily.

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