Little things you can do to boost your CV

Struggling to land a glitzy internship? No time for work experience? I feel you. Here’s how to boost your CV anyway.

Uni societies

Participating in a society demonstrates that you’re a rounded person with varied interests. Bonus points if you can get on committee and bag a relevant position.

Don’t just state the name of your role – explain what you did. So, if you’re a social sec, don’t just say ‘I’m a social sec’. Say that you were responsible for organising weekly socials, liaising with events managers to secure the best rates, and bolstering the all-inclusive atmosphere of the society. Boom.

Write a blog/for a student newspaper

If you’re looking for a creative job, this is especially important. Write for as many different publications as you can. Failing that, write a blog. A lot of employers in the creative industry ask for evidence of creative endeavour, and so publishing your writing every now and then can actually be a huge help for your CV. Don’t forget to apply those creative writing skills into your cover letter as well.

Volunteer work

It’s ok not to land an internship but you can still gain some valuable experience form volunteering. Working in a charity shop can demonstrate a good work ethic, transferrable skills, and makes you look like a great person. Sure, it’s unpaid, but so was that stuffy internship anyway, and at least you can literally just walk into this job. Fundraising at your uni either with your society or just with friends is also a great thing to add to your Cv.


Even travelling can make your CV look amazing! Teaching in a school abroad can be fun and rewarding and again makes you look like an interesting and rounded person. Even if you don’t do something wholly productive while abroad, some employers value employees who aren’t afraid to go far and wide. Just don’t put ‘I went to Thailand to find myself’, please.

Serena Smith

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