3 tips for joint honours students

Deciding to undertake a joint honours course can definitely have its ups and downs – there are probably more downs when you think about it rationally. Here are a couple of tips to help you juggle both sides to your degree because let me tell you, it can be a massive annoyance.

1. Know which Faculty you belong to

If your uni doesn’t tell you, it’s your job to find out who your ‘parent’ faculty is. This is really important because that faculty will be in charge of the majority of your student life, course-wise. Find out who and where they are on campus, and everything will be easier.

2. Don’t neglect one side

It’s super easy to ignore one of your subjects when you figure out you actually prefer the other. But this is a mistake because you still have to attend lectures, submit papers and get good marks; pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t going to work very well.

3. Stay on top of your work!

Taking a joint honours degree means there will be crossovers for deadlines and even lectures if you’re not careful. You need to look in advance to see if you have any conflicting deadlines and still have enough time to sort it, so get ahead of your reading and learn how to study effectively. You don’t want to be finding out you’ve got another essay due in two days after only just starting the first.

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