Layering: Wearing your summer clothes in autumn

Layering has always been a recurring trend of the season; it started off as a simple survival instinct, just to keep warm, but somewhere along the line we mixed patterns and colours to also look trendy. With Autumn at our doors, it’s time to start binging tv shows and adjust your wardrobe to the chilly weather settling in. If you want your hot girl summer to last longer, just incorporate these looks into your daily style.


Everyone has done the classic look: wearing a dress under a jumper or layering on a thick cardigan; but don’t you feel disappointed when the details of the dress you took so long to choose are just hidden away under a layer of extra clothing? So how about reversing that combination by wearing a jumper under your dress? This stops your dress from getting scrunched up under a jumper and leaves it out to be appreciated. You can also create a range of looks by integrating different texture and colour combinations. 

My personal favourite is wearing a chunky woven knit with a silk cami dress. As well as with dresses, this can also be done with cami tops. Youtuber Ashley, also known as @bestdressed, pairs this nude lace detailed silk top with a contrasting black t-shirt and skirt.

Image credit: @bestdressed on YouTube


To take this layering to an even more extreme level, don’t pack away those bralettes just yet… You can wear them throughout Autumn on top of your dresses!

I found this look on Instagram recently – @simply.cie wears a grayish-blue textured corset-bralette over a similar toned t-shirt dress. This one takes real guts to pull off, but if you can do this then you should never feel fearful of anything else ever again.

Image credit: @simply.cie on Instagram

Socks and heels

Perhaps if you’re not a risk-taker, this final trend is a bit less daring. Even though I love chunky ankle boots and thigh highs, I’ll miss my sandals. But I don’t particularly want to be a victim to cold, numb feet so I’m going to choose to ignore everyone who says socks don’t belong under open shoes!

Miu Miu exhibited this trend best in their S/S19 fashion show; a sports sock with a strong feminine heel. You can mix up the styles here, depending on your mood. My personal favourite is pairing block heels with delicate frilled socks, as the detailing in the frills gives the outfit a more thought-out look.

Image: Miu Miu S/S19 collection

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