Advice from a graduate to freshers

The first term of University is always difficult, especially when going into your first year. Going to a new city, surrounded by new people, being away from home – it can all be a bit too much. But it honestly is the best year! So, as a graduate here is my advice to freshers:

1. Make friends with everyone

Don’t just find one person or a group and not keep making friends because you think you’ve found the best friendship ever. People change and a lot of people aren’t what they seem.

Let them settle in too and watch them change, you may find that you drift apart. If you have more than one friend or one group, you’ll have a much happier time if the first friendship goes down the pot. Just remember, ‘Freshers friends’ aren’t always your BFFs.

2. Don’t waste your time because you know first year doesn’t count

First year is the time to make mistakes, yes, but it’s learning from them and adapting that ensures you know what you’re doing when it does count. There’s no point messing about on an essay and shrugging your shoulders at your 2:2 because you’ll ‘do better next time’.

What you start in first year you tend to continue, and by not learning in first year you’ll not know how to actually present a structured essay in second year. When you finally get that spare time to study, prepare for an essay or just brush up on notes, take it don’t procrastinate.

3. join in

It may not feel like it as you get used to your course, but you’ll have a lot of free time. Try out societies and clubs and find some extracurriculars that you really enjoy, whether it’s a new sport, a new language, writing for the University paper or some acapella singing. It’s a really good way to make new friends across the University and to get some more experience down on your CV.

They also tend to be a lot of fun and if you find out what you enjoy in first year, you might be able to rise in the ranks later on and end up as President of that society. Don’t forget to pass on what you learnt to the new batch of Freshers.

Stephanie Bennett

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