3 tips on bonding early with your new flatmates

It’s really difficult moving into a new place, being surrounded by new things and meeting and living with new people. People are hard and you can forget how difficult it can sometimes be to bond with your flatmates and make friends. How did you do it as a kid? Asking if you can play with them on the car mat in nursery is a bit different to living in a flat of six strangers. So, here are a couple of tips:

1. Start early

Whether you’re going out in Freshers or you just want to stay in and watch a couple of films together, the first night is important. If you do go out, it is easier to bond with a stranger after a couple of vodkas – it’s a lot like the girl’s bathroom. Pay a lot of compliments and bond over how filthy the toilets are.

2. Get to know them before moving in

Find out (if you can) who will be in your house/flat and send them a message. Start a group chat, ask questions, send memes. It all helps build a little familiarity before actually meeting them for the first time.

3. Come out of your room

It’s easy to want to just hide in your room, especially when you’ve been out three nights in a row, you’re missing home and to be quite honest, you just want to be alone for a bit. But don’t stay in there all day – that’s how you become the flat ghost. Go into someone’s room and watch a film, explore campus, cook dinner together – just do something with one or two of the flatmates you like the most and get the friendship started.

Remember to be yourself and keep the harmony in the household. Of course, it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get along with your flatmates.

Stephanie Bennett

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