Plants, fairy lights and photos: how to liven up your halls

We’ve all been guilty of lusting after that bedroom on Pinterest; needing that creative inspiration, drooling over the décor and marvelling at the impeccable taste of its owner. Well now’s your time to create a pin-worthy, instagramabble, VSCO-famous uni room for yourself. With these little tips, your room will be comfy, relaxing and more photogenic than Gigi Hadid at a Versace shoot.

Fairy Lights

Yes, they may be a cliché, but that’s for a good reason. When you can’t cope with the harsh overhead light after a few too many beers the night before, or maybe you’re trying to create the right vibe for a Netflix and chill night with your new crush, fairy lights have got your back. They’re dead cheap in Primark, so there’s no excuse.


Again, I am aware that succulents and cacti remind us all of the wannabe hipsters, but I would definitely recommend investing in at least one plant for your room. Research shows that plants decrease anxiety, increase your mood and can even have positive impacts on your creativity – you’ll be getting those firsts, no problem! If you’re a fan of flowers, use old gin bottles as a vase for a cute aesthetic. The good news is, fake plants can have the same impact, perfect those of us with the incomprehensible ability to kill a cactus. Check out these suggestions for décor inspo.

Good bedding 

Not only does it have to look cute af (I would recommend Asda for affordable but fun designs), but comfort is a priority! If you’re in halls, the chances are the bed will take up the majority of your room, so you need to make sure it’s looking good.


Inject a little colour and fun into your room with a plethora of cushions. Not only do they look cute, but they can also be used by guests to sit on, or as something to cuddle on those cold, lonely nights…

Desk tidies 

Although it sounds lame, you’ll thank me later. A pencil pot and maybe even a paper tray are invaluable in keeping your room looking neat enough for you to be able to use your desk. I tend to use old tins or jars for storing stuff – saving the planet and the pennies.


Does this even need an explanation? Websites like snapfish will print your pics for cheap. It’s up to you whether you want to frame them, create a photo wall, or peg them up with your fairy lights for décor.

Decorating your room is really important, but don’t forget these 10 items when you pack for uni!

Megan Rigby

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