How to get down with your hot neighbour

You know the story. Your eyes meet when you’re doing the awkward juggling shopping bags (or uni books, of course), you finally open the door and then the fit person in the next flat is just a distant memory. If you want to woo your hot neighbour, here’s what you can do (though, disclaimer: results may vary). It is cuffing season after all!

Organise a flat party

Here’s a plan. Organise a party at your flat, invite whoever you want plus the people in the next flat. That way, you look dead cool in front of your flatmates, make a tonne of friends, and, who knows, you might just get off with that person you’re after… or even just see if they’re worth it after all.

Cook a meal

If the party plan doesn’t work, here’s an alternative. Cook a meal, (try one of these recipes if you “can’t cook”) then explain to that person that you’ve ‘cooked too much’ or you were ‘making your flatmate a meal and they haven’t shown up’. I’m not suggesting full awkward dinner date, just woo them with a cooked meal and they may just come back for more.

Invite them out

Most students love going out (or learn to love it after a few weeks) so is there really a better way to woo someone than over one too many drinks? You’ll be a lot friendlier, maybe even flirty, with the person you’re after. Plus, when the night all gets too much, at least they know where you live.

Tell your flatmates/ uni mates

Talking to someone you fancy can be awkward, so why not get some advice? Talk to your flatmates or uni mates, ask for their advice or to even act as a wingman/wingwoman. It’ll also be a great way to bond with your flatmates.

Actually speak to them

Elaborate schemes don’t always work. So, for the simpler approach, just talk to them. Even if you say ‘hi’ in the corridor or ask them how they’re settling in, they’ll know you’re friendly and then that could lead to something more.

Dating/chilling with your neighbour can be really fun, just make sure you’re being safe, that it doesn’t turn into a negative situationship, and that you don’t follow these crazy rules.

Jennifer Rose

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