The stress of post-uni job hunting – a survival guide

Despite bankrupting ourselves to hold a rolled-up piece of paper and throw our tasselled hat in the air, we fail to learn the basic things: one of which includes how to actually survive job hunting! And if you’re yet to graduate and don’t even have a CV yet – bookmark this one for future use.

Job hunting is a job

Funnily enough, unemployment is stressful enough to be a job in and of itself – and it is. So treat it like one. Set yourself time in the day exclusively for sending emails, replying to them, updating your CV, searching for jobs, etc. And outside of these hours, switch off – much easier said than done, trust me, but try it. Whether it’s an hour in the morning, evening or both. It really doesn’t take a whole day to send emails and reply to them, so why waste the day doing it?

Occupy yourself

You can spare the rest of your time for other things – you know, the stuff you said you would do during uni but never got around to? Pull out the books, the paints, the sports gear or whatever else it is your heart was set on during your procrastination periods. Ironically, you may not want to do it as you did then but just try it. If you’re seriously feeling the resistance, just try 5 minutes of it. 

Keep company

Though the rest of your friends may be busy with their new jobs (which they conveniently sought throughout final year), still try and keep in touch with them (even if it means spamming their work email to get through to them).

This is also a good time to put your uni social skills to use and start mingling with the real world to boost your CV – volunteer at charity shops, local events or join a club. A good organisation I’d suggest is Toastmasters, an international organisation to help people improve their public speaking. Everyone’s super friendly and helpful – it almost feels like a uni club but for anyone. Try finding a club near you over on their website.

Sweet talk yourself

Your thoughts are your worst enemy – so try to befriend them. Again, this is much easier said than done but don’t put yourself down with endless negative talk, it only makes it worse. Try apps like Headspace to meditate and clear your head. And remember, you are not just your post-uni job hunt. You are so much more.

Breathe. You got this. And you’ll get what you want soon. Just keep at it, my friend.

Noor M

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