How to write a cover letter that will get you hired

Post-uni job hunting stressing you out? Need to write a cover letter to wow a potential employer? Here’s how to nail it and get hired.

Do some research

Who are you actually addressing this to? Find out who is in charge of whatever part of the business you’re hoping to work in (some Googling or LinkedIn stalking can often help here), and head the letter with ‘FAO: their name’. This will make you look super professional and like you know lots about the company in one go!

Start by immediately stating what you’re applying for

Don’t faff about with too many pleasantries – ‘I hope this finds you well’ or something similar is sufficient. You’re writing a cover letter, not telling a story – you don’t need to build up to a grand reveal. Don’t bore your employer. Keep things simple. ‘I am writing to express my interest in applying for the role of X’. Bam.

Pick bits from your CV which are most relevant

They’ll read your CV but your cover letter can afford to be more specific. While your CV will have everything you’ve ever done on it, think about what skills or experience that you have that makes you particularly suited to this role.

Make it personal

Don’t actually beg for the role, but it’s good to inject a little passion into an otherwise dry cover letter. Some employers read LOADS, so stand out by showing a little personality. Demonstrate that you know and understand the company’s ethos and vibe, and state why you want the role and why you’d smash it. Stress that you’d be grateful for an opportunity to work at such an amazing place. It’s probably best to put it a little more diplomatically than that, but basically – show that you have some OOMPH!

If you’re looking for more info, there are loads of resources online and plenty of articles out there to guide you – here’s one from the Guardian and one from Forbes for further advice.

Serena Smith

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