5 easy ways to stay sustainable at uni

As eco-anxiety seems to be sweeping around the world (and rightly so), it’s time to think about how we can help. Not only will being sustainable at uni save the planet, but it’ll also save you pennies. Win-win.

Reuse alcohol bottles

Empty alcohol bottles never seem to be in short supply in any uni accommodation. Use them as vases, or stick some fairy lights in them for a low-key lamp. Spirit bottles seem to work best for this, especially if you’ve splashed out on a brand with a nice design. But beer and wine bottles are grand, and you could always paint them, or wrap some twine around or washi tape around them. Use your imagination!

Reuse tins

Going along the same lines, use your empty (and preferably washed out) tin cans as pencil pots or even little plant pots!

Public transport 

As tempting as it may be to get a cab on your night out, the bus can be a cheaper and more carbon-friendly option. I know it’s not possible everywhere but it’s worth looking in to. Or even better – walk!

buy a Reusable coffee eco-cup

9 am lectures are not the one and copious amounts of caffeine are normally required to stay awake past the initial 3 minutes. Invest in a good reusable coffee cup and you’ll save money at coffee shops. Or just make your own at home and avoid those contributing to the 2.5 million coffee cups thrown away in the UK each year. Even parliament is backing them.


Don’t forget to take these practices into any festival that you attend. You might even want to consider using cardboard tents if you are camping.

Air dry 

Tumble dryers use more energy than I use running for the bus (and that’s quite a lot). Plus, if you’re in halls, you’ll probably have to pay for them too. So do your wallet and the world a favour and air-dry your clothes when you can.

It’s important to remember that although being conscious of your impact on the environment is important, so is having a good time at uni! Eco-anxiety is good for awareness, but try not to take it so seriously that you miss out on fun experiences, or stress about things you can’t control. Now go forth, armed with your keepcup and bamboo cutlery, ready to save the world.

Megan Rigby

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