Everything you’ll feel if you’re doing a panic masters

Couldn’t find a grad job? Signed up to do a Masters last minute? Here’s everything you’ll be experiencing right now.

You really, really cba to be skint anymore

Half your friends seem to have landed swish grad jobs and are now earning 25k+. Here you are scraping together just enough to cover your living costs with a measly 10k loan going straight on tuition fees. You’re sat there wondering why oh why didn’t I look harder for a grad job?

You’re filled with anxiety

You can’t shake the anxiety. Was this really the right thing to do? It seemed easy and painless and it feels good to have SOME sort of plan, but you can’t help the nagging voice in the back of your head which keeps telling you that you’re only doing a Masters because you didn’t know what else to do.

You can’t help but feel a bit childish

Half your friends are in suits and have lanyards and go for ‘after-work drinks’. Meanwhile, you still eat beans on toast and live in dirty sweatpants while you try to scrape together some sort of idea for your Masters dissertation. Nice.

The fear of finding a grad job is STILL there

Accepting this Masters offer felt good at the time – you had some stability in your life. But now September is here, and soon January will arrive and then the new year aaaaand – we’re back to square one. Time to find a job again. Unless a panic PhD is an option.

Serena Smith

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