Every society stereotype you’ll see at your uni

Societies and clubs are a huge part of uni life for some of us. Whether you’re part of one or not, it’s almost impossible to not have an opinion on them, and we’re all guilty of forming pre-conceived ideas of their members.


LADS LADS LADS. Rugby boys are the ultimate stereotype. Ridiculous initiations, getting banned from clubs and hitting on girls, the rugby club at your uni certainly has a reputation. How much of it is accurate is still to be determined. The initiations truly do involve drinking alcohol from live fish, rolling down hills naked and a multitude of other questionable activities, so rugby lads tend to be a bit mental, slightly cocky and pretty dench. However, their apparent lack of inhibition makes them a lot of fun to be around and they’re unquestionably loyal to their friends.


Blonde ponytails, tanned giraffe-length legs and confidence oozing from every pore. Girls want to be them and guys want to be with them – but watch out, they can be vicious! These girls are beautiful but will be scrappy if needs be. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by their cool exteriors, they’re often kind souls who just happen to be intimidatingly gorgeous. 

LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Nerds. Need I say more? This society’s members portrayed as a bunch of loners who have spent their lives immersed in comics, history books and anime shows. But in reality, they’re a bunch of friendly, creative and fun-loving individuals, probably just relieved to finally find a bunch of people who ‘get’ them, rather than immediately try and put them into a little box. 


A society that makes arguing acceptable, you’ll know a debater as soon as they open their mouths. You say black, they say white. Seeming to have an opinion on everything from politics to Love Island, these guys aren’t afraid of a heated discussion and will almost always come out on top. Passionate and organised, they’re a good person to have on your side when arguments over who’s not doing their fair share of the cleaning arise.

Bee Keeping

Wandering around with their reusable coffee cup and t-shirt emblazoned with ‘save the turtles’ across the back, these eco-warriors love nothing more than lecturing people about the importance of being sustainable and the imminent threat to our livelihood should we fail to protect the bees. Slightly judgemental and just a little patronizing, sometimes they grate. But their intentions are pure.

Obviously, these are merely stereotypes and won’t ALWAYS ring true, but I think we can all agree there’s a definite pattern…

Megan Rigby

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