5 reasons why chatting to guys on Bumble > Tinder

Fed up of Tinder boys? Aren’t we all. Here’s why you should make the move to Bumble. Because Bumble > Tinder is the way to swipe.

1. Their profiles are often more detailed

While you’re free to put anything in your Tinder bio, Bumble has settings which mean you just need to tick boxes to put important info on your profile, making it so much easier to get an idea of what a person’s like and what they want. For instance, there’s the option to say whether you’re looking for a relationship or something casual, so you can easily match with people who are after the same thing as you.

2. You naturally have to be more selective

Once you match, women have to make the first move, or else the match ‘expires’. Guys can’t message women first. This means you have to assess the guys twice: once when deciding which way to swipe, and again when deciding whether to message. This way you only end up speaking to guys you actually are pretty interested in.

3. It’s fun to make the first move

It’s fun!!! Boys’ chat up lines on Tinder can be pretty dry or else pretty weird, so by being made to message first you have the power to steer the conversation in whatever direction you want.

4. Everyone benefits

So, making the first move is fun for you, less hassle for them, and means they only get to chat to you if you’ve deemed them worthy of a message. Everyone wins!

5. Idk there seems to be a better quality of men

Okay is it just me or are the men on Bumble 10000x finer than the men on Tinder???

Serena Smith

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