Deceiving women into liking you is not seduction

Do you have trouble getting dates? Do you feel that women have too much autonomy, and should be convinced into liking you? Well, your problem has been solved! A website called, created by Chase Amante, was set up under the concept “that by becoming attractive enough, any man could get girls to chase him.” Through a range of manipulative techniques and tools, the website teaches men to play mind games with women, and, consequently, to attempt to get women to like them.

They offer a variety of ‘packages’ to help you – the One Date package promises to teach you to “turn a girl in your girl” because apparently, girls are something to be obtained and owned. The Dating Artisan suggests you “become a man women can’t say no to.” Once again, there is something very suspicious about the wording of this – do women not get a choice in saying no?

More than anything, it is actually more shocking just how popular this website is – they claim to have been the most popular men’s dating advice website in the world for over five years now. Can men not just get to know a woman without feeling the need to effectively find a cheat sheet on how to get her through manipulation?

The website claims: “If a man wants to find his dream girl and settle down, he can do that with Girls Chase. If he prefers to play the field a while, he can do that too. Or if he just wants to understand people better and improve socially, Girls Chase is here to help.” To me, this seems a very roundabout way of saying this website will allow men to get whatever they want from women by deceiving them. Tricking women into liking you is not seduction; it is just insulting.

Alex Eastland

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