How to shag your flatmate’s hot friend

Shagging your flatmate is probably (definitely) off the table. But that hot friend of theirs? 100% fair game. Here’s how to shag your flatmate’s hot friend…

Suggest pres basically all the time

Foolproof. Who’s going to say no to a pres invite?

Play flirty drinking games

‘Paranoia’ is a great one. Make sure you sit next to your fave flatmate who’s naturally in on it, obvs, so they can ask you all the right questions. Best looking in the room? Who’d you shag? Funniest person here? Let them know you’re interested by being bold enough to pick them.

Suggest chill sessions too

A film and takeaway night where you get to cuddle up to your flatmate’s hot friend wouldn’t go amiss, would it?

Make friends with the rest of their flat

Any excuse to go round and sit in their kitchen with a cuppa and stare at your crush making toast. Not to mention getting invited for pre’s at their flat before a night out.

Be brave

Life’s too short to not shag your flatmate’s friend, and if things go wrong, you only have to avoid them for three years. Just make sure they don’t give you an STD.

Serena Smith

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