How you can overcome post-freshers anxiety

One week of sleeping till 1 pm, eating a plethora of Domino’s and following people on Instagram you’ll most likely never meet again is over. And congratulations, you survived! If you’re anything like me, fear of Freshers’ Week will have consumed your pre-university months, worrying about making friends, surviving on minimal sleep and settling in. But it turns out that Freshers is only for a week, and you still have another 9 months to battle through. Enter: post-Freshers anxiety. But don’t worry, here are a few tips for dealing with that rising panic about life after freshers….

1. Relax

Don’t worry about keeping in touch with all those new freshers friends you might have made. As much as you might have bonded over a love of Louis Theroux when you were both too drunk to even get into the club, if you’re really meant to be friends, they’ll pop up again. It’s tempting to contact everyone you’ve met for fear you’ll end up with nobody if you don’t, but honestly, you’ve probably only met 1% of the people you’ll end up closest too! 

2. Clean up

Blast some Taylor Swift, have a boogie and dust to your heart’s content. Those greasy frying pans and tea-stained mugs aren’t going to clean themselves. It’s true what they say, a clean environment = a clear mind. 

3. Sleep

The chances are that those 8 hours of shut-eye weren’t a priority for the past 7 nights, but lack of sleep can lead to increased anxiety and just feeling a bit naff in general. So make yourself a hot chocolate and get an early night so you’re ready for a day full of mind-numbingly monotonous introductory lectures. 

4. Don’t compare

It’s remarkably easy to fall into the trap of scrolling through social media, trying to assess whether your week was as good as other people’s. Furthermore, there’s an expectation that you enjoyed Freshers. But not everyone does, and that’s totally OK too! You might blossom once you get into more of a routine and there’s nothing worse than watching your friends appearing to have made 244534 new friends (who they probably won’t see again) and feeling rubbish.

5. Call someone

Call your family, or an old friend maybe. I’m sure they’d love to hear about your adventures, listen to your worries, and offer some welcome advice on the best way of getting out that wine stain from your favourite white top. Voicing any concerns always helps to dissipate some of the worry, so give it a go.

Most importantly, remember to look after yourself, be kind and put any expectations you have of yourself in the bin. Everyone experiences Freshers differently, there’s no right or wrong and it’s just a fraction of your university experience! So, don your backpack, pack your pens and get ready to learn some stuff.

Megan Rigby

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