A guide to finding a grad job during third year

Starting your third year and have NO idea what to do about grad jobs? Fear not. Loads of people find jobs after graduation, but if you really want to get organised and you have the time to job hunt alongside everything else this year, take a look at these tips:

1. Don’t panic just yet…

Most grad jobs become available later in the year – make sure you’re looking for jobs starting in Autumn 2020 if you’re going into your final year. Don’t panic if stuff isn’t coming up now, but just keep looking throughout the term.

2. Start with your uni

Most unis have a careers centre or service, and this is honestly the best place to start. Book an appointment ASAP with a careers adviser if you can, but if not, there should be loads of info online. Jobs will be advertised on the careers section of your uni website – do some googling and you should be able to find this easily, but if not, ask. Careers advisors help you through the whole process – from applications, to interview practice, to negotiating your first salary.

You can usually subscribe to getting alerts for new job listings too. Looking via your uni is particularly useful if you want to stay in the area, as sometimes local businesses have good connections with the university itself and will be keen to recruit recent graduates.

3. Any companies you admire?

Always loved the BBC? Or been into a certain clothing brand? Or are a huge admirer of a massive corporation? Look into it! Check out their websites and even if you can’t see any open vacancies, keep checking, or even email the relevant person to let them know you would be interested in working there.

And remember, companies need all sorts of people to fill all sorts of roles, so even if you’re a Maths grad with a passion for a business in the creative industry, remember that they’ll always need someone to look after the numbers!

4. Job alerts

Subscribe to job alerts from as many different job-hunting websites as possible – Indeed, Totaljobs, etc. This also allows you to filter out jobs in locations you don’t want and ensures that you get to see grad schemes perfect for you.

5. Keep looking!

Don’t give up! People secure jobs all throughout the year, so don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and focus on you. It may seem like nothing you’re interested in is coming up but persevere and you’ll be bound to find something eventually.

Serena Smith

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