How to be creative if you find it hard to get motivated

Used to love drawing, making music, writing, or doing anything else creative? Can’t seem to make time for it now? Here’s what to do.

Don’t force yourself

Forcing yourself and beating yourself up for not making or creating anything will never work. You’ve got to accept that anything you create while under unnecessary pressure from yourself likely won’t be much good anyway, so please don’t get frustrated if you can’t seem to get into it immediately.

When an urge takes you – run with it!

Feeling inspired? Go with it! Your best work will likely come from periods where you’re feeling inspired and ready to create rather than times when you’ve forced yourself to do something (see above); so if the mood takes you, don’t hold back!

Editing is everything

Don’t hold back when creating. Accept that editing and reworking is a natural part of the creative process anyway, so don’t worry about your first drafts or first attempts being perfect. Once you get over the fear of a blank page and START, the whole process becomes so much easier.

Get into a routine

Having said it’s bad to force yourself, I often find a loose sort of ‘routine’ to be really helpful. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down at 4 pm every day and make yourself do something, but if you leave time free specifically for something creative, you don’t have to stress about feeling guilty for not doing other work. Some people find they’re most productive in the morning or evening too, so find what works best for you and you may find your work takes on a new, easy ‘flow’.

Serena Smith

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