How to tell what uni someone goes to based on their clothes

Paris Fashion Week has been and gone, and while it taught us that everyone fashion house has a unique style, we reckon the same goes for unis. Think this is far-fetched? We reckon you can tell someone’s uni (and actually, even their course) based on their clothes, that each uni has a vibe so distinct you can pick them out in a line-up. In other words, you could definitely spot an edgy Leeds student in the wholesome city of Oxford.


Brighton, home of the extravagant, camp and all things sparkly; the students at Sussex and Brighton University are edgy, glitzy and so extra.  Imagine Urban Outfitters meets Ru Paul’s Drag Race; of course, the style at uni is way more chill, because who’s dressing up for a 9 am?

With countless vintage shops in the lanes, from your basic Beyond Retro to your daring Dirty Harry’s, there’s no end to the retro looks you can create.  Bold makeup looks, fishnet layering, animal print, a mix of eclectic and grunge rules the streets of Brighton. Bucket hats and bold prints paired with dungarees, in Brighton you are free to express who you are through your sense of style and nothing looks out of place.

Isabelle Marsh


If you find a student who looks weather-worn and excited at the thought of sunshine, then there is a good chance that they come from Lancaster University. The Lancaster student will often be found wearing our uni colour of red, made even more patriotic if the red clothing is sports gear (something that is frequent).

In the case that they are not true to the uni colours, then you can guarantee that they will either be wearing a rain jacket or if they are more fashionable, carrying a pretty umbrella. However, this does not go for the rugby team, who can be found strolling the uni regardless of the time of year in their shorts and t-shirts (why? No-one knows!). And regardless of the student (the rugby team is the exception here), everyone has a jumper!

Michaela Clancy


Ah, Leeds. Home to Bakery 164 and Beaver Works. But how does one distinguish a Leeds uni student?

Shoes: Edgy, always. The most important part of any Leeds student’s outfit. Think less FILA Disruptor, more Nike Air Max 97. Less Nike AF1, more Reebok classic. Trainers all the time, no matter what the weather, of course, so expect to see Leeds-goers slipping and sliding across Woodhouse Moor come the icy mornings in their precious vintage creps.

Bottoms: FLARES or go home. Denim flares, legging flares, leopard flares – anything goes as long as it ends in a bell bottom.

Tops: Oversized branded vintage jumper found ridiculously overpriced on Depop. GIGANTIC t-shirt layered over a striped long sleeve. Anything that gives a good view of your nipple piercing. One of those nostalgia t-shirts with Super Hans or Louis Theroux on it to demonstrate to everyone that you DO have a personality. 

Accessories: Hoops. Bucket hats. Horrible, ugly, tiny sunglasses from UO – to be worn exclusively inside Beaver Works. Headscarves worn as headbands. Shell necklaces. So many rings. Ten cartilage piercings. Socks pulled up, jeans cuffed.

Serena Smith

Basically, anything that screams ‘edgy Leeds’ and that classic oversized puffa jacket with a g of ket on the side. Nike Airforces are a popular choice across both genders and any ‘vintage’ Nike or Addidas clothes that you nabbed from the many vintage sales on campus.

For girls, a basic cloob outfit consists of a bralette or bandeau with either a coloured denim skirt, flares or single stripe down the side pants and Filas, glitter, an excessive amount of jewellery and the ugliest sunglasses you can find to hide the size of your pupils and protect yourself from the blazing lights at Beaverworks.

As for the boys, they too ‘rock’ similar sunnies with a baggy sweatshirt, bucket hat, nose-piercing and a single pirate hoop earring. And please, let us not forget wavy shirts for warmer days and Leeds Snowriders tops for our snowsport lovers.

Tilly O’Brien


With no clubs or restaurants being posh enough to care about your attire, you’ll find Nottingham students putting in minimal effort to dress up. Expect to see scruffy trainers and unwashed jeans even at the most expensive of places. The same goes for Trent.

Khevana Patel


People who go to UEA can easily be separated into groups based on the clothes they wear: sporty people, wealthier students, poorer students, fuckboys, sesh gremlins, and academics (the people who actually went to uni to study).

In the year I started at UEA (2016) up until the present day, almost EVERYONE has owned a Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I actually got one for Christmas because I felt I didn’t fit in without one. I’m not sure why, but along with a UEA logo hoodie, this functional fashion item seems to be a uniting force amongst UEA students.

If a UEA student plays a sport, they will always be found decked out in a UEA sports hoodie with their last name or nickname on the back. These hoodies are yellow and blue (a hideous colour combination, if you ask me). If a UEA student doesn’t play a sport, they will probably be wearing an ugly jumper/shirt that they probably stole from their grandad’s closet or pilfered from the bottom of a charity shop’s sale bucket.

As far as trousers go, most UEA students either wear vintage-inspired high-waisted mom jeans or sports leggings (Adidas or Nike). Most of the girls at UEA wear Adidas Superstar trainers or Chelsea boots. UEA boys (who aren’t very fashion-conscious) wear pretty much anything on their feet, but mainly sporty-looking shoes.

Olivia Weaver


There is no denying the roadman style of UWE students. The bigger the hoops, the puffier the jacket, the more oversized the jumper, the better! Who wants to wear clothes that actually fit? A good pair of baggy jeans – either hanging round just below your boxers, a high waisted mom jean or a pair of flares – are a must.

In true Bristol style, it also wouldn’t be unusual to see a UWE student flexing a full range of weird and wonderful jackets from animal prints, faux fur, or your classic puffer jacket. Oh, and don’t forget you can never go wrong with a bucket hat to hide the fact that you haven’t been able to wash your hair in weeks because you blew all your loan on drink and drugs and can no longer afford your house bills.

Alex Eastland

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