Paris fashion week SS20 highlights

The 9-day Paris Fashion Week ended last week, exhibiting the trends that will reign over Spring-Summer of 2020. Fashion Month started in New York, then went across the globe to London, Milan and finally Paris which saw everything from Cardi B’s masked floral dress to the runway fiasco at Chanel. Here are a few of my favourite trends for the week.

Geometric checks

A timeless trend that is easy to style but will look like you spent all night planning the outfit. My favourite is the Chanel one-piece (below), a simple mix of colours with an empowering statement necklace.



Colour coordinating your tops and bottoms is daring; the first step to doing this is to ease into the trend with basic colours. Then opt for bright and bold colours like this orange Nina Ricci peplum top and midi skirt. Then tackle the final and most daring combination – prints.

Nina Ricci
Image: Nina Ricci


Crochet garments are made by interlocking threads of material around a crochet hook. This process started as early as the 18th century. The technique can make clothes perfect for the summer with different patterns and colours, and practical by being soft and breezy.

Alexander McQueen
Image: AlexanderMcQueen

Finally, here is how the Chanel fiasco went down

This year’s Chanel runway show saw a little bit more than expected as a French comedian ran up onto the runway mid-show. Dressed in a mock-Chanel houndstooth suit, her walk and flow were natural enough for security guards to not be able to point her out amongst the real models walking, who kept their professional stance and never even flinched for a second. Gigi Hadid saved the show by confronting the comedian and walking her off the runway – it was a dramatic end to Paris Fashion Week.

Cover image: CHANEL; Coveteur

Khevana Patel

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