Why 2019 is the best time to go to uni

Our parents had maintenance grants and free tuition, sure, but we have loads of things they didn’t have – here’s why 2019 is the best time to go to uni.

1. You can find your flatmates and coursemates before you even get there!

Say goodbye to all the anxiety that comes from stepping into a new situation blind. Now with social media, it’s easier than ever to get in touch with your future flatmates and coursemates, which means you can strike up a bond with your future friends before you’ve even met! Create an account with Campus Society to find them.

2. Essay writing is a doddle

Imagine writing an essay by hand… no thanks, it’s hard enough to do that in an exam. Plus – need a critical quotation? Need some fact-checking? Can’t remember some historian’s name? With a phone or a laptop, the answers are seconds away.

3. Socialising is easier than ever

If a cool artist is coming to town, you’ll likely see a Facebook event for it. Likewise, if someone’s throwing a house party, you’ll probs find out through getting a Facebook invite. Organising to meet up with people and finding something to do has never been easier – and when you’re doing something as overwhelming as navigating a new city, you’ll be grateful to keep things as simple and efficient as possible!

4. Less stigma

I feel every generation claims that they’re the most liberal generation, but I feel we stake a good claim to this title. Though we have so much more of a way to go, it’s so much easier nowadays to access help for mental and sexual health, and drug awareness is also on the rise.

5. Two words

Google. Maps. 

Serena Smith

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