How to minimise the post-grad panic

Autumn has rolled around again, bringing with it the commencement of another academic year. Except for this time, it’s different: your days of formal education are at an end, and you still aren’t sure quite how to feel. Sad? Glad? Regretful? Optimistic? Inspired? It is important to remember that, in whichever of these emotional states you find yourself, panic is the enemy. Remaining calm and composed post-university will certainly help you ensure that the beginning of your life proper is as smooth and as easy as possible. Here are some ways to help minimise post-grad panic.

1. Make the most of your uni’s resources

This is a big one. Start planning for life after university with the help of the institution itself. Whether that’s attending grad fairs and meetings while you’re still a student, signing up for mailing lists, or simply staying in contact with the careers team once you’re done. It’s important to remember that the university wants you to get into work too and that just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean they won’t help you anymore!   

2. Talk to people

Friends, family, even the people you’ve just graduated with. Everyone’s felt like this: everyone’s had a transitional period in life, moving from one thing into something completely different. It’s daunting for sure, but talking to others – sharing your situation, your hopes and anxieties – will really help. 

3. Don’t feel disheartened

Try not to dwell and see this as the end of something, rather the beginning of a new era. Hard as it seems, when you begin to look at this period as an exciting shift, rather than a depressing finale, things do actually get better. The door isn’t shutting, another one’s opening, whatever the other side looks like now: stay calm, make the most of it, and step through!

Tom Jones

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