5 reasons why October is the best month of the year

October is the best month of the year by far and I can give you various reasons why (except for spiders coming into the house, they can go away and stay away). 

  1. The chance to wear more woolly jumpers – who doesn’t love being warm, snuggly and comfortable under lots of layers
  2. The cooler weather. I know I’m the anomaly, but the heat of this summer was horrendous and I’m definitely ready for the cooler breeze and the rainy October weather. Anyone who enjoys sweating incessantly is just lying to themselves.
  3. It’s also the start of the academic year and it’s still exciting before all of the strain of essays, deadlines and exams. It’s fun to start a new year, seeing friends and starting lectures again.
  4. Who doesn’t enjoy Halloween? Eating cheap sweets and watching terrible horror films with friends is always a good shout. The worse the film is the better it is to watch with friends.
  5. Coffee shops and cafes bring out new menus ready for Autumn (although pumpkin and cinnamon do not count as real flavours). White chocolate coffee and other hot drinks are the perfect matches for all of the above.

Stephanie Bennett

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